EFROGS Dallas was started to address the missing link for patrons in areas with a multitude of quality restaurants, bars, theatres, performance halls, museums and businesses. EFROGS Dallas fills the void for short trips that taxis and buses aren’t right for. You can make that short trip in style by using EFROGS’ eco-friendly, fully-electric shuttle service! Our vehicles are 100% environmentally friendly because they are battery/ electric and have zero emissions. With this GREEN technology, EFROGS has officially launched Dallas’ first and only eco-friendly, fully insured shuttle service with mobile advertising

Our eco-friendly, “green machines” are fun, clean, and a hip way to quickly go from place to place in your neighborhood. Producing zero-emissions, our street legal GEM e4 and e6 electric cars are a fun way to accommodate up to 5 passengers and can be used for indoor or outdoor events. Our shuttles provide free rides for office workers, hotel guests, restaurant and bar patrons, as well as visitors at parties and sporting events. Our shuttles provide a unique advertising opportunity for local businesses, and our drivers work for tips, which are greatly appreciated but not required.


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