Press Release January 2011

Media Contact:
Gary Haag
December 29, 2010

EFrogs – Short Trip Shuttle Service for FREE!
Now serving the Uptown, Downtown, Oaklawn, Greenville Avenue, Deep Ellum, Knox/Henderson, and Victory Park Areas!

(DALLAS, Texas) EFrogs is a shuttle service that provides free rides for office workers, hotel guests, restaurant and bar patrons, as well as visitors at parties and sporting events.
EFrogs is now providing shuttle service to the Uptown, Downtown, Oaklawn, Greenville Avenue, Deep Ellum, Knox/Henderson, and Victory Park areas!
“We offer a unique advertising opportunity for local businesses that are placed directly on our shuttles; therefore we are able to offer free rides,” owner Gary Haag said.
EFrogs operates Monday-Wednesday 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM and Thursday-Saturday 5:30 PM – 2:00 AM.
Starting in January 2011, EFrogs plans to operate during the lunch hour (Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM).
“There is such a demand for our service during the lunch hour, we have decided to move forward starting in the New Year,” Haag stated. “We can cater to the business lunch crowd during the week and cater to the social brunch crowd on Saturdays.”
EFrogs can accommodate up to five people. To receive a free shuttle ride from EFrogs, just simply call or text your pick up time and location to 469-432-4055. The shuttle service is free, but tips for the drivers are greatly appreciated.
EFrogs shuttles are GEM e4 and e6 electric street legal vehicles that are eco-friendly. The shuttles are 100% environmentally friendly and produce zero emissions! The drivers of EFrogs have worked in the service industry for decades and know the areas very well. EFrogs employees have over 50 years combined industry experience.
For more information visit or call us 469-733-7404.
To schedule a ride, call or text 469-432-4055.

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EFROGS Provides Short Trip Shuttle Services for Williams Financial Group

All smiles on the EFROG Shuttle

EFROGS worked with Williams Financial Group, a local privately held Financial Services Firm, to shuttle their employees and guests from the Fairmont to the Belo Mansion on the evening of October 4, 2010. The service was well received and we had many compliments on our service and unique vehicles. Thank you to Williams Financial!!!

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EFROGS in the news
by Sarah Blaskovich

You may have seen these eco-friendly cars around the Arts District or Uptown.
A new eco-friendly shuttle service is jumping around parts of Dallas and Arlington. Called E.F.R.O.G.S., which stands for Eco-Friendly Rides on Green Shuttles, the company is currently operating three “global electric motorcars,” which look like extended golf carts.

But golf carts they are not, says co-owner Gary Haag. The vehicles scuttling around DFW are allowed on roads marked at 40 mph and under, and they can go about 27 mph at top speed. (For reference, a standard golf cart goes 17 mph, Haag says.) The cars are battery-operated and hold up to 6 passengers.

“We want to be green, we want to be something people like, and our goal is to fill a niche of what cabs and limos don’t do,” Haag says.

Haag and his crew, which includes several co-owners, will use the vehicles in two places: in Arlington for special events at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and at Cowboys Stadium; and in Dallas roughly from Mockingbird Lane south to downtown Dallas (and spanning east and west to include Uptown, downtown, Knox/Henderson, Deep Ellum, and the Design District).

The cars in Arlington will charge a $5 minimum for rides. The city has an ordinance in place for these vehicles (attached PDF; see Article X) – which are largely non-existent in the DFW area. “People didn’t know about them. But we are in the land of SUVs,” he said. “The reason [Arlington] has the ordinance is because they’d seen other cities who had them, like Washington and St. Louis. It was just lucky for us.” The company had to pay Arlington $350 per vehicle, plus fees for background checks, defensive driving for vehicle drivers, and other small costs.

Haag hopes to have a small fleet of 15 vehicles by Super Bowl time.

In Dallas, rides with E.F.R.O.G.S. are free, though the drivers accept tips. They aren’t allowed to charge because Dallas doesn’t have an ordinance in place to govern cars like the global electric motorcars. Instead, E.F.R.O.G.S. hopes to make revenue from advertising. Haag said the company will have TVs installed in the headrests for advertising purposes, plus signs on the back of the vehicle.

Haag developed the idea for E.F.R.O.G.S. after seeing One Arts Plaza’s “art cart.” He also co-owns a local valet company called Professional Parking Solutions, and said he used his 10+ years in the business to help launch E.F.R.O.G.S.

He hopes that the shuttle isn’t abused by people who’ve had too much to drink. “We don’t want to be the drunk driver option,” Haag says. “We’re there, but we don’t want 10 people thinking they can pile into our cart and bring their drinks with them.”

The company currently operates Wednesdays through Saturdays, 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. However, Haag says they get calls seven days a week and won’t be able to operate more frequently until they acquire more vehicles. “I hope people will be willing to grow with us,” he said.

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Go Rangers!

EFROGS will be providing Park and Ride services at the Sheraton in Arlington, Texas for the Ranger’s game tonight vs. the Detroit Tigers. Come see us there! 1500 Convention Center Drive. Thank you to George Baker from for all of your guidance!

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Hello world!

EFROGS has officially launched! Yes, our website needs work, and of course we need more vehicles, but we are doing our best to build this company the right way. We are working with the City of Arlington to get certified, and once we do that we will be able to start offering services at the Ranger games and Cowboy games! First things first. We are looking for advertisers. Would you like your advertisement in front of high end clientele in Dallas/ Fort Worth? Contact EFROGS at or 469-432-4055.

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